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When dry eye symptoms are at their worst, SYSTANE® Lubricant Eye Drops offers the moisture and protection you need for long-lasting relief. It's no wonder that SYSTANE® is preferred nearly 2 to 1 by dry eye sufferers. Below, you can read some of their stories, and see how SYSTANE® helped. If you think you might have dry eye, talk to your eye doctor to learn if SYSTANE® eye drops can help you, too.

"When I was diagnosed with Sjögren's Syndrome, I didn't think any symptom could be worse than the dry mouth it caused. Then, nearly unbearable dry eye struck. Nothing seemed to provide relief - I was using preservative free drops every five to ten minutes, to no avail.

I'd already gotten lower punctual plugs and was on the verge of getting upper plugs when I finally tried SYSTANE®. I never did get that other set of plugs. Thanks to SYSTANE®, my eyes feel better, and I'm using drops much less than I used to. And, unlike other drops, they don't even blur! SYSTANE® is my hero because it's finally given me relief."

- Ruthie H.

"I have used a great many of the products on the market. I was given a sample of SYSTANE® eye drops by my eye surgeon and have found them to provide more comfort for a longer time than any of the other products out there. There is none of the redness or irritation that I got with some of the other drops. I now use SYSTANE® exclusively. I have recommended it to others ... and will continue to do so."

- Jon B -- Indianapolis, Indiana

"I just want you to know that SYSTANE® has changed my world. I have Dry Eye Syndrome, to the point that I have had my lower tear ducts cauterized. I have tried every single product on the market, and nothing has given me the relief that SYSTANE® has ... Thank you so much!"

- Brenda F -- Waco, Texas

"I had LASIK [recently], which was a life changing event for me - a day that I will always remember. During my ... post-op, my refractive surgeon gave me a sample bottle of SYSTANE® eye drops to use as a lubricant. The product is wonderful. It is very soothing, and I'm enjoying good results."

- Valerie G -- Hamden, Connecticut

"I just wanted to tell you that I think your product SYSTANE® is the best that I have ever experienced. I have suffered from dry eye for years, and I am finally getting extended relief. I have used every drop invented at one time or another. Thank you for this wonderful product!"

- Kitty H

"SYSTANE® ... feels great and [I] only need to use it two or three times a day."

- Richard K

"I've used lots of different [artificial] tears because I have very dry eyes ... I've had problems with some tears itching when I instill them, but SYSTANE® had no side effects whatsoever. This product probably saved me from having some serious problems with my right eye."

- Suzanne N -- Jacksonville, Florida

"I am here to tell you that SYSTANE® eye drops are the VERY BEST product that I have ever used. I would not hesitate to tell anyone about this super product. I have used other artificial brands, but I find that they glue your eyelids shut at night and like to sneak out of your eye. SYSTANE® stays put. Alcon trained it well. Thank you, Alcon."

- Lynn K -- Menasha, Wisconsin

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